• SimplySmart

    Integrated KNX and LoRa for control and visualization on iOS

SimplySmart is a simple yet clever and nimble solution to control your entire home or business securely from anywhere in the world, right from your iPhone and iPad. Future integration with Siri Shortcuts and Siri Intents will leverage the features provided by Apple to automate your smart space further and make life even easier.

By integrating LoRa, SimplySmart extends smart living by enabling you to get more utility, flexibility and security from your KNX-based system. Because LoRa is wireless, the installation is straightforward. For example, you can easily add energy monitoring almost anywhere. You can control your environment over a longer range and in places without direct power sources. Wherever wireless goes, SimplySmart can go.

Secure by design.

With facial or fingerprint recognition, SimplySmart provides another layer of security to the sensitive parts of your installation, such as access and alarms. Your installation has end-to-end security and global control.


Share scenes and schedules easily with family members or colleagues.


Unrestricted integration for new use cases means that if your new device integrates with KNX and LoRa, it integrates with SimplySmart. Need some heating and cooling metrics to settle the discussion about “room temperature” at home or the office? Use a sensor on the wall and find out what’s really happening. Smart living is up to your imagination with SimplySmart.

Control is in your hands

Your preferences, not your integrators, determine your set-up. SimplySmart enables customization per device, so you can have different Favorites and Scenes on your iPhone and iPad. Create scenes and rename devices and rooms as you wish!

Magic wand widget

With the magic wand widget, you don't even have to open the app to control your installation. Just swipe to the right on the lock screen and control up to nine favorite devices.

SimplySmart in a nutshell.


Group your favorite devices and control them all from one screen, anywhere you happen to be in the world.


At SimplySmart, we've taken a fresh approach to scenes. You define them, directly in the app. They’re easily customized, any time you want, from anywhere. No more calling your integrator every time you decide to adjust the lights.


In settings you can see device details, schedule tasks, customize appearances, and manage the magic wand widget.


Access and control your devices by room and by floor to see all of the devices in your installation.


Create a scheduled task to execute daily, weekly, yearly, or just once. Since these tasks affect everyone in the environment, every user can see and edit them.


Did you leave lights on or the windows open? Find out instantly in one simple overview, and with just one touch of a button, make sure everything is shipshape. Instant peace of mind!

See for yourself.

Want to give it a try?

SimplySmart is currently in the beta testing phase. Sound interesting? Let’s have a chat.

Who made smart so simple?

Bram Roelandts

Bram Roelandts is the creative mind and vision behind SimplySmart. A programmer at heart, he is impatient and dismayed with low-responsivity, non-evolving apps, and decided to do develop a smarter, more secure solution in the domotics sector. Bram is a high school student in Belgium who started experimenting with software when he was eight years old, and he hasn’t stopped since then. He was into Linux distros and MS Visual basic at twelve and fell in love with coding at fifteen. Then there was Swift and moving into the IoT world. He has presented SimplySmart to the CTO of the KNX Association, worked on a major KNX installation in Switzerland, and attended Apple’s WWDC developers’ conference as one of 350 students worldwide who earned scholarships. Bram won top honors for the paper he presented at the KNX Scientific Conference 2018. Let’s see what he gets up to when he gets out of high school.

Filip Van Craenenbroeck

Filip Van Craenenbroeck has over 25 years’ experience in IT, which is one reason he recognized Bram’s prodigious talent and startling maturity and became his mentor. Filip’s company, 5A, builds embedded solutions for the IoT world, specifically on those for energy and domotics gateways and remote access.